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About Us

We’re not big and we’re not Australian – but we really do make great cereals!

Our cereal story started when we came across a product made in Australia that we thought was fabulous.  It was pure, organic, gluten free with no added salt, artificial colours,
flavours or preservatives, naturally cholesterol free, sodium free and low in saturated fat content. We started to sell it here, and so many people wanted it that we started to make it ourselves.  Now it is all manufactured and packed in the UK - keeping our carbon footprint low and our product quality high.

As we are a family-run company we work closely with everyone, from the specialist cereal growers whose crops meet our exacting standards, to the experts who toast, flake or puff our grains. We use traditional methods of puffing, flaking and coating our grains to ensure we retain the maximum dietary fibre and nutritional content in the cereal.

We work constantly to improve our cereals and add new products. Our new factory means we can provide a full range of gluten-free breakfast cereals. This means that coeliacs and people choosing a wheat-free diet can now choose a gluten-free alternative to start their day!


That’s how we like it – we hope you do too!

What we believe

“Eat good things – do good things”

As well as choosing natural and wholesome foods as part of a healthy lifestyle, we believe in supporting a healthy lifestyle for our planet, so we take care about minimising our carbon footprint and we have a rigorous policy of recycling.

We never use G.M. grains in our products and all our organic cereals have Soil Association accreditation.

We also believe in ‘giving back’ to those less fortunate.  We are delighted to support Project Le Monde, a charity providing underprivileged communities in Uganda with good quality school buildings to significantly improve the educational experience and life prospects of thousands of children.

To find out more – and if you would like to join us in supporting the project – please go to