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Gluten Free Just Jumbo Oats


Gluten Free

Jumbo Oats

Our jumbo oats contain 100% natural gluten-free oats with no additives or preservatives. For an organic alternative, try our organic Gluten Free Porridge Flakes.

Our Big Oz Jumbo Oats are:

  • Coeliacs
  • Vegetarians
  • Dairy free diets
  • Gluten and wheat free diets
  • Low sugar diets
  • Kosher diets

 Our Big Oz Jumbo Oats Flakes are:

  • Gluten free
  • No added artificial flavours, colours or preservatives


Gluten free Jumbo Oats (100%)

Nutritional Information
Typical values per 100g per 50g serving
Energy 1490 kJ
354 kcal
745 kJ
177 kcal
of which saturates
6.6 g
1.1 g 
3.3 g
0.6 g
   of which sugars
67.3 g
1.0 g
33.6 g
0.5 g
Dietary fibre
11.8 g
5.9 g
protein  12.2 g 6.1 g
Salt  0.01 g 0.005 g
Potassium 0.416 g  0.208 g

pack weight: